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A weekend in the 'Strip-Mall Church' Capital of the world

Shelton and I were in EXTREME need of some R & R. So Thursday night after work we head home for a weekend in Norman/OKC. Ahhhhhh. Always nice to be back home. We got to see everyone we set out to see, except for one. It was so nice to be able to catch up with everyone- Raz, Niaz, Paul and Megan, Patrick, Whitney and Jim and Family.

We crashed at Shelton's parents' house. They were only there for one night, then they too headed out of town for the weekend... leaving us with the keys to the palace. The trip really ended up feeling like a true vacation, without the maids.

We hit all our favorite restaurants- El Chico, Charlestons, Bills Fish, Rusty's and Bison Witches. And Barb stuffed us with her magic lemonade, Chilis, brownies and ice cream. All those fabulous tastes we can't get 'round here. So, we weigh more now than when we got started, but maybe that's why I'm in such a better mood... all the food endorphins and opiates. I did learn this weekend that cheese has opiates in it... that explains SO MUCH!!!

We watched Super Size Me- an eye-opening and artery-closing experience. I've never wanted french fries so much in my whole life! So tasty! Then we watched 40-Year Old Virgin... AWESOME!!! I was blown away at the fact that there was a real plot. But it was hilarious.

Anyway, good friends, good food, good movies. I hope that tonight's sunset represents the sun setting on all the bad and negativity that this month has brought.

Now, being home this weekend I got lost in all the growth. That town is just boomin' and bloomin'. New construction everywhere. Well, where there are new buildings, there are old empty ones. And what are they filling all these old Wal*Marts and strip-mall stores with? GOD'S LOVE! CHURCHES! Are they serious with this? I've never in my life been anywhere where church is so marketable, as in OKC. I saw a couple of outdoor boards with messages that cemented my reasons for not attending church. One read- "Hate church, but love God? So did we." ARE THEY KIDDING?! The other said something to the effect of "Chuch for people who don't like church". All the people in the picture had sexy, trendy haircuts and were wearing black leather jackets. It's just bizarre!

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