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Still here and no I haven't jumped yet

Well, I haven't been posting much lately. Other than bogging down the blog with constant complaining, I haven't felt motivated to write about anything.
This entire month has been a constant kick in the ribs. It's been an emotional, mentally-exhausting challenge every single day. Some may say I'm over-exaggerating, or being "all panicky". Really, it's been a rough one, I swear. Shelton asked if work was contributing to my stress and I replied, Absolutely Not- work is where I go to get away from all this insanity!!

Slowly but surely the sun is starting to peak from behind the clouds. There have been super teeny tiny victories in the last few days. Tiny. But it's something.

We are taking a couple days off in OKC this weekend. So far I'm feeling much better. I'm trying not to think about anything. Hopefully I can return to work on Tuesday refreshed, and hopefully my ora will cleanse itself of this muck.

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