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If I were forced to live in a Wal*Mart for one week and eat Ketchup Mashed Potatoes with socks on my feet... my week was worse than that

OK, I don't like to come on here and just moan and complain about the crappy stuff, I like to keep it pretty happy-like. However, I've wanted to post for two days, but I haven't found even that one flicker of happy at any point. My patience has been eaten up like a Thanksgiving turkey in a Salvation Army. My positive outlook has been turned off like a switch. I am cranky, I am mad, I am frusterated, and I pray that it goes away soon. I feel like everywhere I go, someone has been tipped off that they are supposed to do whatever possible to get up under my skin and make my situation worse than it was before I met them.

I haven't talked much about my wreck because I was waiting to catch a break and then I could spill about all the bad and then go, Aha! But wait! THERE IS NO BUT WAIT! All there is is a whole bunch of crap-phooey. My words from here forward are going to be less than polite, you've been warned.

So this bitch hits me last week. Backs into me while I'm BLARING my horn. We got out. I called the cops. They told me to just exchange information. Well, I'm always too naive for my own good and believe people are being honest with me. I wrote my info down, gave it to her. She wrote hers down, gave it to me. The next day after I filed the police report and contacted insurance, it turns out ALL OF HER INFORMATION WAS FALSE!!!! RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Well, I'm in what hell of a fuckaroo now. Thanks, bitch.

Now my car is at the shop to have $1700 worth of repairs done. It's not my fault. It's not fair. I didn't do a damn thing wrong. Now, after Shelton and I had gone in and paid for new furniture for our house, we had to call and cancel the order because I can't have a repaired driveable car AND new furnirure. Oh no no no. That would mean something positive would have to happen in my week. Something good would have to happen. And Lord knows that is JUST NOT A POSSIBILITY!

So, no new furniture. I'll live with what I've got. Whatever.

Then, I was supposed to attend a conference in Miami for a week, and would end up being gone during the DMB concert I have been planning to go to for like 3 months. My dear friend Sarah was going to come up from Florida to go with me. My birthday money was going to be used to by the tix. But, I had to cancel b/c I had to go on this trip. Shit happens, right. Well, then a couple days ago, I'm informed that the trip is NOT going to happen. AM I SURPRISED AT THIS POINT? NOOOOOOO!!! Now, Sarah wont' be able to come and I've long spent the money that would have been used for tickets. So, I guess I'm not going to that either.

You can throw in to this mix any number of irritating, frustrating, why is this happening to me again and again situations. It all adds up to one hell of a bad week.
I'm so mad, I'm so frusterated I could cry. I want to scream. I want to hit someone or something so hard my hand breaks. I'd love more than anything to take a baseball bat and destroy that womans to car to the point it looks someone tried to put her car through a blender.

But, I'm beign told that I'm too smart for that. I'm a much bigger person than that. My nasty temper is peeking it's head out and it doesn't do that often. I hate feeling like this, I hate it so much.

My parents and brother and his girlfriend are in town this weekend. It's rainy and I've been hoping for rain for a while. I'm trying to start this morning on the right foot and try to forget about all this nastiness. Life is handing me lemons, and all I want to do is throw them at someone. But, at some point this weekend, I'll try to remember how sweet they do taste.

You are your fathers daughter, and believe me sis, My last 4 months have been just like your week, but one of the things that keeps me moving forward with some positive attitude, is YOUR words of encouragement, sooooo, do your best to use YOUR words of encouragement for your self and make some lemonade......

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