Stripped of my title- Breadwinner

I've been so proud of myself for the last year and a half- I finished school, found an awesome job and making a great salary. A salary higher than Shelton's and this fact made me very proud. Partly because he supported my broke ass for so long that I felt like I was finally paying my dues.

A few months ago Shelton got a raise and I was, of course, excited for him. This raise narrowed the gap between our salaries. I was bummed about this but still excitedly raved that I was still making more.

Then I come home tonight and Shelton tells me that he got yet ANOTHER raise and immediately lets me know that he now makes more money that I do. And I pouted. Then hugged him and congratulated him. Then pouted. Then hugged and congratulated again. Now I'm just pouting.

Well done on your very deserved raise. Have no fear, this game is not over!


Who knew you could get a high from ice cream!?

When Shelton and I decided to move to Wichita from OKC last year (16 months to be exact), we knew we were giving up a lot... and at the time we couldn't be certain that it would pay off or even be worth it. But we did it, we jumped right in. Now Wichita may not be NYC or LA or Amsterdam or something, but any major move is difficult no matter where it is on the map.

Shortly after we were settled in Wichita, we started realizing the things we'd given up. Little things, like our 1 minute drive to Charlestons for Chicken Club Salads... Bricktown... Papa's hot dog stand... Hastings... Penn Square... Really, I could go on all day.

But the one thing that stood out more than any other, was the fact that everytime we went to the grocery store... the very store you see in the photo... we were reduced to buying ice cream from Edy's or Dryer's, or God only knows who else.

THERE WAS NO BLUE BELL!!! It's a crying shame I tell you. And for 16 months we've whined, bitched and moaned about the fact that there wasn't any. Nothing ever quite tasted the same. And we knew it. But being the ice cream junkies that we are, we got our fix any way possible.

Well, no more ice cream dumpster diving... OHHH NOOO! A light has been shown... a new day has dawned... shout it from the rooftops...


Oh Buddy, you better believe! Shelton and I drove to our local Dillons (the good Dillons at Central & Rock, not the dirty Dillons at Central & Oliver). Seriously, my stomach was fluttering the whole way there. I couldn't believe I was that excited.

I felt like we were in on a big secret, that no one else knew what awaited them under those little golden trimmed tubs.

We rushed home and devoured 2 big bowls... coffee mugs in our case... and a flood of memories came back. OK, maybe not, but it was definitely a wake up call to my taste buds. They were like WHOA, we totally remember this stuff.

So, to Blue Bell... thank you for finally looking north and seeing us on the map. Welcome to Wichita, and I promise, it will be worthwhile.



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Last night my office treated all of us to an evening at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper. It does not get more country-western cowboy than this joint. So Shelton and I, along with a few friends from work, decided to dress the part. I found these awesome red cowboy boots at the Goodwill last weekend for $2.00. I bought the hat and bandana at Wal*Mart and oddly enough I had everything else I needed.

We were all given matching t-shirts. The front had a picture of one of our guys dressed as a cowboy and under his picture said "Cowboys". Then second photo had the pic of another guy from work who is from India... and under his photo said "Indians". The back said "Why can't we all just get along?"

Before heading out to the family-fun Prairie Rose, we decided to stop at this absolute hole-in-the-wall for a drink. We wanted an authentic cowboy feeling joint so that one, it felt all down-home like and two, we'd fit in. We stayed about an hour... Shelton spent the whole time talking to the bartender about God knows what.

Upon arrival at the Prairie Rose, we were served bbq brisket with all the fixins... and thank God for the fixins because the food was decent, but really not all that great.

After dinner the cowboy quartet do a little song and comedy show. Fairly entertaining. Music was decent. But not enough to hold our attention for 2 hours so we left.

It was all-in-all a rootin' tootin' good time. You can visit Prairie Rose for yourself right here


Quote of the Week

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Shelton and I for quite some time play "Quote of the Week" with one another. Completely off the wall things we say at the perfect moment that break us both down into hysterical laughter.

Some memorable "Quotes of the week":

"Oh damn, he's got a blue suit and a harp!"
- by Brandi during Oprah when a gospel singer showed up to perform

"You looked like a hunchback with an afro and I was not going to talk to you."
- by Shelton while I was walking to the bathroom at 6a.m.

You get the idea. Well, I found this quote today and I just loved it!
"Don't cry because it's over...
Smile because it happened."
- the fabulous Dr. Seuss

What happens in the blog, actually doesn't stay in the blog

Last night the Wichita Ad Club hosted their monthly meeting. This usually takes place over lunch at a local restaurant and involves a relatively unattractive and not-so-appetizing meal. And it always hosts a speaker from an agency who has been a responsible party for a rockstar ad campaign. I've heard the executive creative director for the Sonic "Two Guys" campaign... and a few others but I don't remember them.

We met at the same, lame restaurant last night after work and instead of lunch or dinner we were served lame appetizers... and a ticket for one beer or wine. I tried my first Fat Tire... pretty tasty. I had a plate full of celery and scallops b/c everything else looked horrible.

Our presenter was Randy Snow. He's from an agency called R&R Partners out of, no less than, Las Vegas. They've had the Las Vegas tourism account for 28 years... quite a feat in the ad business. He's the agency's executive creative director. And of all the presentations I've seen, his rocked.

It certainly helped that he was presenting the "What happens here, stays here" campaign. But HE was genuinely interesting and entertaining.

He went back to 1999 when the campaign was first conceived. Their goal was to move away from the classic view of vegas: showgirls, elvises and flaming desserts. He said they do more research for this account that any account he's ever been on- and as a result- we have the current campaign.

He showed spots over the last 5 years: the bride marrying the brazilian guy who speaks no english, the business woman sniffing the inside of the limo and arrives at the airport dressed differently than when she got in, the airport full of people leaving las vegas, etc. The coolest thing I learned about all of these spots is every single one of them is unscripted. They find the actors and give them a 2 sentence scenario and then the camera rolls. So impressive. And hilarious.

We got to see 4 brand new spots, fresh out of production. These have got to be the best yet. This campaign has so many legs... it was so interesting to see all of the non-television media they've used, and how they've used it in a new or innovative way.

The most impressive was a new print ad turned Web program that has got to be one of the coolest interactive marketing devices I've ever seen. It is SO much fun... and if you've seen the scratch-off print ad (currently in the 2006 SI Swimsuit Issue), pretty cool too! So click on the link and find out who you can be the next time you go to Vegas... and don't forget to print off your business card... with 1-800 number that actually works and official company Web site!

And if you have a few minutes and want to check out the "What Happens Here..." TV commercials, just click right here.



In case you haven't noticed, I haven't really been in the mood to write lately. Nothing interesting has really happened and everything has become pretty routine. Work, home, eat, sleep and back again. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I really enjoy my work and so I like having the freedom to stay as late as I want. So I thought I would briefly catch everyone up and then hopefully get myself back on here. I know there are only like 10 people who read this... and I'm probably way over estimating at that. But I love that its here because then I don't feel like I have to call and keep up with everyone ALL THE TIME. It's all right here and if you're interested, come and get it.

Last Weekend
We went home to visit Shelton's family in Edmond for the Baha'i holiday Ayyam'i'ha. Good times all around. A lot of food and a lot of family and a lot of presents. No sleeping in but I guess that's ok. We got to see a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a really long time. Thanks to Shelton's parents for our fabulous new digital camera- the Nokia P2. We really haven't used it yet and when we tried this morning, the battery was dead. Thanks to everyone for all of our gifts, we are really going to enjoy them.

I went to Kansas City for the day with my client. The bank was opening a new branch so I went up to be a part of the grand opening festivities. I think it's always important for us to be there. It was really the first day that just screamed SPRING IS NEAR! It was 70 degrees, sun shining, no clouds and a wispy little breeze. We relaxed on the patio of Cheesecake Factory in The Plaza and soaked up the sun... a perfect afternoon. If you've never been to KC's Plaza, it is beautiful and relaxing and a lot of fun if you have time to enjoy it.

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday. I have family stopping by to visit this morning and then I'm off to hangout w/ Ms. J- the little girl I'm mentoring. I see an afternoon w/ Curious George.