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Who knew you could get a high from ice cream!?

When Shelton and I decided to move to Wichita from OKC last year (16 months to be exact), we knew we were giving up a lot... and at the time we couldn't be certain that it would pay off or even be worth it. But we did it, we jumped right in. Now Wichita may not be NYC or LA or Amsterdam or something, but any major move is difficult no matter where it is on the map.

Shortly after we were settled in Wichita, we started realizing the things we'd given up. Little things, like our 1 minute drive to Charlestons for Chicken Club Salads... Bricktown... Papa's hot dog stand... Hastings... Penn Square... Really, I could go on all day.

But the one thing that stood out more than any other, was the fact that everytime we went to the grocery store... the very store you see in the photo... we were reduced to buying ice cream from Edy's or Dryer's, or God only knows who else.

THERE WAS NO BLUE BELL!!! It's a crying shame I tell you. And for 16 months we've whined, bitched and moaned about the fact that there wasn't any. Nothing ever quite tasted the same. And we knew it. But being the ice cream junkies that we are, we got our fix any way possible.

Well, no more ice cream dumpster diving... OHHH NOOO! A light has been shown... a new day has dawned... shout it from the rooftops...


Oh Buddy, you better believe! Shelton and I drove to our local Dillons (the good Dillons at Central & Rock, not the dirty Dillons at Central & Oliver). Seriously, my stomach was fluttering the whole way there. I couldn't believe I was that excited.

I felt like we were in on a big secret, that no one else knew what awaited them under those little golden trimmed tubs.

We rushed home and devoured 2 big bowls... coffee mugs in our case... and a flood of memories came back. OK, maybe not, but it was definitely a wake up call to my taste buds. They were like WHOA, we totally remember this stuff.

So, to Blue Bell... thank you for finally looking north and seeing us on the map. Welcome to Wichita, and I promise, it will be worthwhile.

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