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Quote of the Week

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Shelton and I for quite some time play "Quote of the Week" with one another. Completely off the wall things we say at the perfect moment that break us both down into hysterical laughter.

Some memorable "Quotes of the week":

"Oh damn, he's got a blue suit and a harp!"
- by Brandi during Oprah when a gospel singer showed up to perform

"You looked like a hunchback with an afro and I was not going to talk to you."
- by Shelton while I was walking to the bathroom at 6a.m.

You get the idea. Well, I found this quote today and I just loved it!
"Don't cry because it's over...
Smile because it happened."
- the fabulous Dr. Seuss

I think I'm gonna take the plunge...I'm glad you found your way to my blog randomly, that makes me happy. Nice quotes, I'm a fan of quotes!

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