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Soooooo past my bedtime

We got out of the longest day of my life at 4. i'm sorry- the conference. It's like being back in school. Lots and lots of notes. There was even a math segment- and I nearly had a panic attack.

Luke and I left there for a little R&R in our rooms. We met back up at 5 and did a little wandering throug NY, NY. We sat in the bar for a while and shared drinks, had a little convo. Then I decided it was my feeding time again.

We had an effing fantastic dinner at Emeril's in MGM. Really enjoyable. then we mosied on down to Bellagio, just in time to see the fountain show. So beautiful. I didn't care that it was cold out and I was being misted.

Inside I played 20 in the slots, left 20 up. I lost that 20 when we returned to Monte Carlo. I am even for the trip. Good for me.

We made it over to In N Out burger for lunch today. YUM! i've only had it one other time but it definitely stacked up to my memory.

Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in- 7am. A full day of conference and then off to the airport for our trip home. Hopefully much smoother than the arrival. Should be sleeping in my own bed by 1am tomorrow.

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