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There and back

I had to drive to OKC for a photo shoot for my client today. Necessary, yes? Insanely long and boring, yes. 370 miles I drove today... ALONE! Across empty field after empty field. For only 45 minutes of photo shooting.

My journey south was met with juicy angus meat and Skanche. I met Jeremy at Irma's Burger Shack for possibly the world's best hamburger. So good. Once again, we did not meet the advertised 1:25 burger time- one of these days. It's good to have goals.

After that I headed to Mustang for the shoot. The address says North Mustang Road. However, I was driving South on South Mustang Road. I ping-ponged back-and-forth between Mustang and Yukon for like 1/2 an hour before I finally called the branch and asked them to explain how the hell I was supposed to get there. Sure enough, just keep heading south on south and you'll arrive at north.

Only in Oklahoma, right?

Paul was captain photography today and I think the shots turned out really well. I hope everyone is pleased with them and we make our 5pm deadline tomorrow.

after over a week this is all we get? Scratch the ole head and get with it.........

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