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Eskimo Porkchops

When we moved to Wichita last year one of the many beloved things we had to leave behind in Oklahoma City was our grill. It is a fabulous grill- a big man-beast of a meat grillin' machine. We use our grill anywhere from 1-4 times a week. I cannot cook enough on it. The flavor is better, healthier and more fun AND it doesn't stink up your house.

We regained custody of our grill about 2 weeks ago, right after we moved in the new house. I've used a few times and Shelton keeps telling me that it's too cold to grill, we'll have to wait until spring.

Well, that is not entirely correct. Tonight, on the evening of our first snow in Wichita, I grilled porkchops. Big, fat, juicy, grilled to perfection porkchops. And they were deelish. I made approximately 6 trips in and out of the house into the snow to flip, turn, sauce the meat. The bowl I used to carry my little spices in filled with snow while they were cooking and my tongs froze shut after every use.

So, much like the postal service- come rain, snow or shine- we will grill on.

Good for you dear... grilling is a year long enjoyment... grill on

CRAZY! If you want to go out in 18 degree weather you be my guest. I'll eat the good food too. But I'm not going out there to light that grill for you any more. You'll just have to learn how to do it yourself.

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