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Who knew food could make me glow with happiness??

For the past two days, my diet has consisted of smashed bananas, applesauce, smashed cottage cheese, cherry jello and, the centerpiece of this menu- macaroni and cheese- through the food processor. And while you're scrunching up your face in disgust, let me just tell you, with out that yellow paste of starchy goodness, I would died of starvation on my couch. I've NEVER been so hungry in my entire life. I eat constantly because I just can't get enough food in me. I want the ability to chew big meaty pieces of food and crunchy food and hard food and - I JUST WANT TO EAT AGAIN!!!

So last night, I was like maniac hungry. And my little brain was working feverishly to find something, anything, that could be run through the food processor and gummed down. Something with some substance and flavor. And then, this little piggy said ME ME ME ME- Hog Wild BBQ. Oh yes my friends, we went for BBQ, to go that is. I ordered a giant baked potato and 1/2 pound of pulled pork. I came home and smashed up my potato with sour cream and butter, and then I ran the meat through the food processor into a fine shredded material. I doused it with bbq sauce and then I ate... and I ate some more... continued eating. And when I was done, not a stitch of food was left on my plate. I didn't have to chew one time. AND I WAS FULL. Shelton said I was glowing. I kept giggling. I just felt so good to have real, substantial food in my belly.

Well have no fear, I'll get to feel like that again today at lunch. Damn right I saved half of the potato (GIANT potato) and half of my meat. I'm just watching the clock, PLEASE get to noon already. Hell, I may have it for breakfast!

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