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Catching Up

Ok, I’m seriously behind in posting. It’s been quite a busy week. And while my posts tend to turn into mini-novels of my life, I will try to keep this short and sweet.

Extreme Home Makeover
I went. I built. I saw. It was a really awesome experience. Just to be there and see how it all comes together. I helped plant trees at the front of the house. So when you see the show, looking at the house, they are the first 2 pines on the left. I also helped build this cool little hedge apple tree candle holder- think big yellow wooden balls. We also helped build and paint the chicken coop on the property and a number of other little projects. Got to see up close and personal all of the cast. Pics only with Ty, a co-worker not me. See the pics on my Flickr. Just so you know, the cast, except for Ed, I didn’t see a single one of them working EVER. I still like the show and the house is way cool. All I can say w/o getting sewed by the man.

I went to a co-worker’s wedding last weekend. It was possibly one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. It was the first full-on Catholic mass wedding that I’d ever been to. It was a beautiful ceremony and the party went allllll night long. I was my typical wedding drunk self and danced til I couldn’t shake it anymore. Most of our office was there and it was a damn good time.

Bye-Bye Teeth
I went to meet my surgeon this morning. He’ll be removing my wisdom teeth on the 10th. Thinking about it makes me want to pull my own finger nails out.

Wedding #2
We are going to OKC tomorrow for the wedding of some college friends. I’m really glad that Jeremy and Sarah have finally gotten hitched. They are pretty awesome. I’m really anxious to see so many people from college, many I haven’t seen since graduation. We are going to crash at Barb’s and sleep in the Raggedy Ann room- doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m on day 2 of vacation this week. My anniversary with Associated is next week (can you believe it??) so I’m trying to use it all up before I lose it. Next week I’m taking 2 half days and then a few days later my 40 days refills. How nice.

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