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I have a little self-diagnosed OCD and it's about time you all started taking it seriously

I woke up yesterday morning exhausted. And I woke up in a terribly grumpy mood that subsided about 9:00 this morning. We went to Moore for the weekend to visit Shelton's family and spent every moment sitting and talking and sleeping. It was oh-so nice. And as anyone who has ever spent a weekend sitting and talking and sleeping knows- it can become very tiring. All I wanted to do yesterday was get home to my couch. That was it. I wanted to make the 2.5 hour drive, put on my pajamas and a sweatshirt and settle in for my 4 hour night of Sunday night TV bliss.

But first we had to make a pit stop at my parents house just west of Wichita. My brother Kyle and his girlfriend LaRenda made a surprise visit this weekend. We spent about an hour with them before they needed to head back to Joplin.

When we FINALLY made it home there was a cute little sidewalk chalk message on the steps up the front door- Welcome Home, Hi Sis!. Cute little message. When we opened the front door Shelton said the door was unlocked and when I walked in and saw that the clock was hanging in a place that it was not hanging when we left town on Friday- I froze. I looked at Shelton and said, "I do not want to walk up these stairs." And I don't think he had quite caught on to the fact that Goldilocks and her gang had invaded our home over the weekend.

Who was our gang? My parents and Kyle and LaRenda and the housekey that they may not have possession of much longer.

I told him that I would have a panic attack when we got to the top of the stairs. He looked at me a little bewildered and I explained that when we turned the corner at the top of stairs, not one thing was going to be in the right place. And I was right (as usual). My chest seized up in a tightness that made me think I'd spend the rest of the evening in the ER.

The living room furniture was in the dining room and vice versa. Things on the wall were hung in all the wrong places. All of my picture frames were rearranged and upside-down. The contents of my kitchen cabinets had been completely switched around. The horror of seeing my shoe rack (the kind with pockets that hangs on the door) in utter disarray was the cherry on top. That is when I thought the tears would finally break. But no- NO NO, are you aware that a sundae can actually have cherries ON TOP of cherries? Well it can.

Shelton had informed me that the bandits had hit the pantry as well. OH MY GOD. Rotel was on the same shelf as the bread, soup next to the chips- chaos. Absolute, heart-stopping chaos.

It took about half an hour to complete the process of putting everything back in order. I just dropped when it was over. '

My parents are on their way over and we are going to discuss key priviliges. And when we finish discussing key priviliges, I'm going to remind them that payback is a BIIIIIIIIITCH!

You SERIOUSLY need to seek counseling. You have a definite problem that needs professional help. Seriously....

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