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I lost my virginity to the gas pump tonight

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I haven't felt the gut-wrenching pain of paying more than $25 a tank for gas in my car yet, but tonight, the $2.79/gallon liquid guzzled out of the pump as if it were my own blood. For the first time EVER, I put FORTY DOLLARS WORTH OF GASOLINE INTO A TOYOTA CAMRY!!!

I really only fill my tank about once a month, so I hadn't yet felt the money being physically pumped out of my rear end. It hurt.

But hey, on the bright side, they are STILL not charging for the blue washer fluid!!!

(image credit to Fussy

Hey Shelton made the front page of the local/state of the Sunday Paper.

He is quoted .... and apparently he is a bit crazy to be standing in line at 3 am....


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