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Super Target vs. Super Wal-Mart

I'm have a disease. It's a serious addiction to Super Target. I have seriously gone three nights in a row and bought things on each of those trip. I go at least every weekend and sometimes during the week. It wasn't an accessible store in Norman/OKC and so I was forced by a darker being to spend my hard-earned dollars in the belly of the beast... WalMart!

But Wichita did bring to me the accessibility of Super Target. And so now, I think I have only been to WalMart maybe 10 times since we moved here. My parents and I constantly argue over what we believe to be the finer points of our respective favorites, mine being Target. Below, a "scientific" analysis of the two.

Short lines, if any, at the register
Sweet, wonderful cashiers
Pre-made fajita kits
Einstein bagels
ahhh, the sounds of silence
an unwritten code amongst shoppers- TEN AT A TIME
gift registry
orange clearance stickers
sock clearance rack
Ka-Yute clothes!!
Fabulous shoes... i'm being serious!
scrapbook aisle
the no-stress, no-mess parking lot
have you been down that candy aisle?
and the card aisle, dont' EVEN get me started!
they are french, c'est la vie

Sam Walton's dream... SPLAT!
Oyster cage... they definitely do not have a shopper code
sensory overload
sure it's cheaper, sometimes A LOT cheaper, but I'll make that sacrifice
Sara Lee deli meat... that's a plus
you have to use vacation time to find a parking space
the germs... THE GERMS
i've never found a decent gift bag there
the cashiers act like their soul is extracted everytime they clock in
they don't have the little shopping baskets

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WAL MART DOES HAVE LITTLE shoping baskets have used them myself

the little baskets are for little sick people who only need to pick up something from the farm.acy to keep their bodily fluids from oozing onto the handles of little shopping baskets. the big carts are where the digestive process begins when fresh meat and other consumable products collide with the bodily fluids of big sick people and some little people who couldnt find little baskets. And we all lived happily ever after.
thanks to war-mart - god of retail, creator and master of car door dents, command central for alien abductions, parking lot shootings, ladies in stretch pants they couldn't possibly have bought there and the guys who hang around to look at them. a-men

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