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Made from Scratch

When it comes to cooking, my track record is like 1000 and 0. Baking- 2 and 998. However tonight, I think I hit out of the park!
During dinner, which by the way I made fajitas and they were mui bueno!, Shelton and I were talking about how good cinnamon rolls would be.
I told him I could make some after dinner. He looked at me bewildered, like, you can make those at home?

So I broke out the cookbook and started dropping the goodies into the bowl. Then I realized I was out of eggs and yeast. So Shelton scurried off to the store and quickly returned. About 2 minutes after he walked in the door, I realized I needed powdered sugar and milk- so away he went.

After the roughly 2 hour prep time and all of Shelton's errands, the squishiest cinnamon rolls were pulled from my oven. Yes baking gods, I, Brandi Koskie, made cinnamon rolls from scratch and they were FABULOUS! I even made the vanilla icing to go on top.

Betty Crocker, eat your heart out.

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