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I feel cold. Numb. Confused. Where am I?

I left town Friday night riding high on the Boomer Sooner choo-choo train of excitement. My heart was racing and my blood was pounding through my body. There is nothing quite like the feeling of Game Day uno. And the fact that I got to be there as the insanity kicked off made it that much more exciting.

Friday night I took Mindy to the Mont and met up w/ friends Patrick and Whitney for a couple hours of drinks and conversation. I think it was a proper introduction to Norman for Mindy, including the Swirl.
Monday morning was met with a bright and beautiful sunrise, cool breeze and a thickness in the air that can only be described as that Sooner Magic.

We made our way down to the stadium at 9am and started making our way through the tailgaters on Tent Row. After being denied mimosas at O'Connels, (apparently it is legal to serve nachos and beer to 40 year old mean at 9am, but you can't serve liquor until 10am... where does that line draw?) we set out on a mission to find them. Low and Behold, we stumbled across a tent serving mimosas and oddly enough the guy who was treating us to the game knew the guy in the tent and he hooked us with three rounds of mimosas. So nice.

Our seats were up on the new club level. It was really very nice, I was impressed. Having the option of an a/c break was delightful. So the sell-out crowd of 84,000 people took to their feet chanting Boomer Sooner and clapping and cheering knowing that the first victory, of what we hoped would be many, was only 4 hours away.


We played, or were played by, the Texas Christian University Horny Toads/Toad horns, Horned Frogs- something. WE LOST! UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! I sat in silent astonishment as they continued to just hand us our ass over and over and over again. I mean, was this some kind of sick joke? Was Stoops actually there yesterday?

As the stone-cold silent crowd made our way back to our cars after the embarassing season opener upset, I thought there was only one good thing that could come out of this- we don't have to spend the next 4 months wondering and stressing over whether we will go undefeated or not. Now we know.

So this is how the other half lives and I don't so much care for it. Mindy is a big K-State fan and so we thought we'd take her down to Norman and show her what a real football game looks like. Apparently she saw nothing she wasn't already used to.

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