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Me and my crazy dreams

I've always had very vivid, memorable dreams. I can still remember stuff as a kid that was just insane. I've always said I would make a great thesis project for a psych student! Anyhow, last night was no different.

The first featured my sister and I. We were here in my upstairs apartment. Typical Kansas, a report came on that a huge mother of a tornado was on its way. We panicked and called my mom. She said since we were upstairs and had no where else to go that it was important that we do the following: put a bite of food in our mouth, but don't swallow; then SEW OUR TONGUES to the floor so that when it blows by, we will be ATTACHED to the apartment! Like good children, we followed her instructions, and when that tornado came by we were sucked up into the air, but stayed put, because we were sewn to the floor.

The second dream was about this guy I work with and his girlfriend. He came in one day and told all of us that his girlfriend had killed herself the night before and that he was kind of upset about it. KIND OF?! He was very blahzay about the whole situation. So that afternoon he and I drove to a meeting and on the way there I was like- Really, how are you holding up? Unbelievable what happened. Blah, blah blah. He then broke down in tears and I consoled him. That was pretty much it.

OK. Your mother is close by and she can keep you safe now; but from what? Her advice is always good, but maybe you have your own mind now that you are an adult. Maybe your mind is just working out those conflicts, but you might want to keep the needle and thread handy.
The guy at work: maybe he is the death of your creative ideas? He doesn't care about what you think and it is important to you that he does value you and your opinion?
How's that for some Saturday morning phsycho-analysis? And since when do you get up so early on a Saturday morning...you deserve some goof-off/sleep-off time.

I had to work this morning, that's why I was up so early.
And nice analysis!!

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