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On a scale of 1 to 10, the Bueno was about a 19!

Yesterday went from total let down to totally alright. Following the devastating and pretty much expected loss to texas we headed home to take naps. And they were good naps. The kind you can only get on the couch on a Saturday afternoon after stuffing yourself with barbecue and brownies all afternoon.

I decided I did not want to veg out for yet another night and while I wanted to go to the movies, just sitting in a theater for 2 or 3 hours is really no different than vegging on my own couch for 2 or 3 hours. Then I remembered the drive-in movie. I haven't been since I was a kid (Batman Returns) and it is seriously one of my favorite memories. Shelton had never been. So we packed up blankets and pillows and headed out to the drive-in. It is one of the few left in the whole country which is really pretty sad. For $10 bucks you can get your entire car load in, much cheaper than the theater. We watched Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon and Jon Heder (napoleon dynamite). It was a cute little romantic comedy. We had a really good time. Last night was the end-of-season so we will have to wait until spring.

After that we headed to Old Town to meet up with a few friends, one of which was having a birthday. After a couple drinks I realized I hadn't eaten since about noon and it was now 11- HUNGRY! Shelton packed me up and headed home in search of the perfect fast-food pit stop. McDonalds had been decided on until we remembered that taco bueno is at the SAME INTERSECTION. We didn't have to go out of our way to get to bueno it was on the way home. I do not think I have ever eaten food in the manner in which I ate that nacho salad last night. Shelton used the word "snarfed." I think I only stopped to breathe when I was finished. But DEAR GOD it was incredibly tasty. No, not incredibly tasty, it was the dreamiest mexican food I've EVER eaten from a styrofoam box.

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