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Now there's that Sooner Magic I remember!!

Wednesday afternoon one of our media girls came to my desk with 4 tickets to this weekend's OU/K-State game. So I thanked her in a very obnoxious manner because I was so super excited!!! Then, it was time for my conscience to kick in. We had already made plans with my family and several friends to get together for a big watch party. I called my cousin Wade, and his wife, Jeni, and invited them down for the game. Wade graduated from K-State. We both had to start calling and cancelling with people. I really felt bad, I really did. But I knew any one of them would have done the same thing had they had the same opportunity, and I would have encouraged it.

We left town Saturday morning about 9am. We drove straight from Wichita to the stadium. We met up with a friend of Wade's in Norman and made our way in search of the perfect tailgating space. We definitely found it. A nice open space with a great view of the stadium. We laid around, ate our food, enjoyed good conversation and got all sorts of ready for the football game.

At one point, I saw a guy who looked vaguely familiar, but of course passed it off as one of those look alike situations. Turns out he recognized me too because I caught him staring. He walked over and it turned out to be he and another guy I went to high school with. I'm still kind of shocked over the whoel thing. They were both fairly good friends in school, one of which was an ex-boyfriend. It was so nice to hear where the last 6 years has taken them.
Do you ever see people you used to know and recognize them and wonder if people ever do the same with you? Guess that answers that.

It was a really exciting game. I tried to contain the sheer excitement I was experiencing because I didn't want to stomp on the Wildcat toes of Wade and Jeni. And while the inside of the stadium was alive with football frenzy, outside the stadium was less exciting. Unfortunately a man decided his time had ended and during the second quarter killed himself on campus just outside the stadium. He blew himself up with a bomb. We all heard the explosion but shrugged it off as thunder. The school did a fantastic job of keeping it under wraps and not creating hysteria- considering we were not in any danger.

We made it home this evening, worn out. Thanks to Wade and Jeni for making it a really fun and memorable weekend. Now, let the stomach butterflies take flight as we prepare for OU/Texas. Six years in a row?!?!

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