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This makes the state of Oklahoma the 9th biggest loser in the nation

Get out those crisp dollars and shiny quarters for scratchin', by golly, Oklahoma got a lottery! As of this morning, Oklahoma was the 41st to join the ranks of all those scandalous gambling states. The lottery was voted in last fall, overwhelmingly, and finally rolled out today. Congratulations Oklahoma!

It took forever to pass because the Bible-pounders were freaking out about themselves and their children's souls forever burning in the hell fires because they spent a buck and won 5, or maybe they didn't win any. To this I say, like I do all other issues like porn and booze and other unhealthy sins of the mortal flesh- IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T DO IT! That easy. Otherwise, quitcher bitchin and live your life the way you choose and let others live theirs. You're only accountable for yourself in the end.

It also took forever to pass because the Native Americans were freaked out about losing all those people in their casinos. Well, I'm sure it's a win-win for everyone because when you want to gamble, you're gonna gamble.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the lottery. It will bring in A LOT of much needed money for education, 30% of all monies earned, money that the fat-ass politicians aren't going to give up.

So I've said my peace. I never mean to offend anyone- so I apologize if I did. I'm not out to get anyone on here, just speakin' my mind. I also LOVE Oklahoma and miss it often. But seriously, sometimes, it's a little backwards.

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