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Pictures of the house!!

Geeze Louise, did it take me long enough?! Ok, pictures of the house now exist, just not on this site. I'm not smart enough to put links in and Shelton isn't home and they are already loaded on his flickr account so why would I do it twice?

So, to access the photos, click on the link to Shelton's site on the left, it says "Shelton". Then, when you get to his site, I think it is the third post down (a picture of him holding a sander). Click that picture and POOF- pictures of the new house. He has it set up like a slide show, but you click the "Victor Pl. Set" button above the slideshow and see the photos w/ descriptions- so that you know what you are looking at.

Sorry I'm lazy.
Enjoy the pics.

You are not lazy....just extemely efficient!

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