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Nothing makes you realize you're an adult like 10 minutes in a moon bounce

This weekend was like a little mini college reunion. Jim was in from NYC and we headed to OKC for the Skanche wedding. Jeremy and Sarah Sanchez are finally married. We celebrated this fabulous event in Kingfisher along w/ JKill and Anna, JB and Jim. Sarah was a gorgeous bride, I wanted to steal her dress. And if you're ever in need of a dance partner, you should give Jeremy's dad a call- yowza! That boy can dance! We couldn't be happier for the two of them and wish them so much luck!

A huge monster thanks go out to Barb and Robert Crews (Jim's parents). They let us stay in their famous Raggedy Ann room and in THE MOST comfortable bed I've EVER slept in. The next day was Eli's third birthday (Jim's nephew) and we were invited to stay and party. And party we did. There was a Spongebob Moon Bounce in the backyard and we bounced. And the boys did flips. And we laughed and we yelled and we jumped some more. And 10 minutes later we were laying in a pile in the middle of the moon bounce with our lungs on fires, knees aching, heads swimming and nausea fastly setting in. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!! Since when do I get beat up by a moon bounce? Ugh!

It was a great weekend to catch up with old friends. So great to see everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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