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Where is Bree Van De Kamp and her basket of cookies?!

We spent all day yesterday at the new house cleaning. We figure this is the last chance we'll ever have to do a thorough deep clean. Plus, I need to get rid of their dirt and germs before I can move in and start depositing my own.

We arrived early in the morning, just in time for the florist to almost leave. A woman handed us a giant peace plant. Of course, I anxiously opened the card and found that it had been sent by my office. I had a few tears, it was just unexpected. Well, that is our motto at work.

We then had steady stream of guests for about an hour: mom and dad brought by a car-full of tools, my aunt Felicia and her roomy Heather dropped by and brought us bread from Panera (which we devoured at lunch), our old roomy Sherry stopped by, then my parents came back and unbeknownst to me started mowing the lawn, and then grandma showed up with a super cute flip-flop clock. Oh yeah, and a guy from work, my new neighbor, stopped by with his two cutie boys. We gave the nickle tour to each visitor and each time we'd take them in a new room, we'd find something we hadn't spotted before.

4 houses worth of neighbors came out to meet us. Not at the same time, throughout the day. We'd shake hands, "Hi, I'm so and so, nice to meet you." Then they would want to tell us how long they'd lived there, the work they'd done to their house, how long joe blow across the street had lived there- guess what, I don't care. I don't want to be "that" neighbor, but really, not interested. The neighbor directly across from us said his little boy was crushed we had moved in because we'd taken away his skate park for his skate board (I guess he loves skating in our long driveway). We told him he could skate over there, we had no problem with that, and his little face just lit up. Off he went. I did tell him and dad that if he incurred any broken anything over there it was not our fault.

We are resting our achy bones and muscles right now and as soon as I can pry myself out of this squishy warm bed, we'll be headed back for another day of cleaning. Today we'll tackle the kitchen, the second floor, finish laundry and start the mold removal in the basement.

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