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A life without internet is no life at all

It's been 4 days. Four days since I've watched TV, four days since I've watched a movie, four days since I've danced around on the internet. We've had no cable for four days, and do you want to know who is responsible? The award goes to- Cox Communications. We scheduled hook-up at our new home almost a month ago. Then, our scheduled hook-up date arrived, and no cable. Do you know what this means? I missed, the ONLY two shows on television that I give a rat's ass about. I'm actually fine that I've missed 3 whole days of primetime television. BUT- I had to miss Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy. Unacceptable.

So Cox tells us that they can't come out until Thursday- that would be tomorrow. Bringing the tally up to 5 days without internet and cable.

Then I found out, this might actually be someone's fault other than Cox. For once, the cable company didn't do anything wrong! It's actually the fault of some satellite company. The house has had two dishes installed, and on one of the installations, the satellite company decided to CUT and DESTROY all SEVEN cable lines going in to the house. This means, I not only get to pay for the cable being turned on, I get to pay to have each. new. line. run into the house. Mmm, hmm. STILL NOT HAPPY over here!

In some ways, not having the TV or internet this week has been a little blessing. We've had time to finish cleaning and moving out of the apartment. We've had time to unpack some of our crap. We've had time for each other... yeah right. And it has allowed me to spend about an hour reading every night, just like they used to do in 1915 when my house was built.

I am anxious to have it back though. I hate not being able to get online at the house at night and I do like a little veg time in the evenings, drooling in front of the tube. Tomorrow, I can wait until tomorrow. Just like my curly-headed friend Annie.

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