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Tastes like crack

Ohhh, I'm in trouble. I've seen the promised land and I don't think I can turn back. I've tasted the sweet honey and felt the sting of having taken away- WHAT DO I DO???

As you may know, I love playing Scrabble. I play a version of the game on Yahoo quite often. Well, tonight I'm playing and I have the letters: E-S-L-I-T-O-N. I knew there was something in that mess I just could not pull it out. I wandered on to google and typed in the words- Scrabble Word Finder. Sure enough, www.scrabblewordfinder exists!

You punch in the letters in your tray, its little magical brain starts turning and a few seconds later it spits out the highest-scoring word. In the case above- it gave me ENTOILS. I scored 59 points.

I felt so dirty for playing it and blasting past my opponent. But when the new letters were deposited in my tray I think my fingers started twitching, trying to move the mouse to open that window again.

I felt like people probably feel the first time that snort that white powder, or have sex, or eat at the Cheesecake Factory- WHEN DO I GET TO DO IT AGAIN!?!?

It's taking all will power not to use that. Ok, I just caved, I went back. And while there I learned that you can also type in all the words on your board and it will show you exactly where on the board to play the word it finds.


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