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Cricket, Cricket

Sorry I'm lame and haven't posted anything lately. Not that there is ever anything incredibly exciting to report, there's just been a drought lately. I've been busy getting ready for Christmas- lots of shopping and wrapping and mailing. This house is the perfect backdrop for Christmas- it's so cozy. I'm excited to have my family here to celebrate this year.

Last weekend Shelton's mom and brother Elliott came up for a couple days. We had a really enjoyable time doing nothing at all. It was nice to kick back with them and visit. There was an exciting evening of sugar cookie making that wrapped up with watching Madagascar.

Then Sunday we spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready for our first dinner guests. Some friends of ours, John and Sarah, came over and spent the evening. We ate like kings and had good conversaton all night long.

Then Monday the work week peeked its ugly head and we're off and running w/ the same-ole, same-ole.

Now for a fun fact- remember the movie Uncle Buck? A classic, if you haven't, waht the hell?! Remember the oldest daughter that dated the creepy guy that Uncle Buck tried to whack w/ the hatchet? Well, she is now the prim-and-proper wife on the TV show YES DEAR. In case you're interested.

See- nothing going on.

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