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The toes are out of hibernation!

This is Flip Flop Debut Day 2006! While a mild and comfortable fifty degress outside, I thought it was the perfect day to release my toes, and my soul, back out into the wilderness. THANK GOD! I think I literally felt my feet exhale this morning. I even painted them pretty pink last night so that they looked fabulous for their debut.

Shelton and I started hitting the gym this past week. It feels so good to get in there after work and run, jump and pump. I'm running 2 miles each night on the treadmill-swing... no idea what it's really called. Then I work my arms and back one night and legs the next. Again, I don't know the name, but I used this weight machine that forces me to push the weights with my theighs. All was good until we reached 2 days later... and now I can't walk. Do women have a groin? If so, I pulled it. In fact, I think it was removed.

honey dear... and this is only because you correct sooo many people... THIGHS not theighs

Love you yo momma

yEAH...Are theighs like sleighs only softer? I figure if Mom1 can offer typing/spelling advice, it's almost OK for mom2 to do it. My theighs could use some work, but....oh well.

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