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Stripped of my title- Breadwinner

I've been so proud of myself for the last year and a half- I finished school, found an awesome job and making a great salary. A salary higher than Shelton's and this fact made me very proud. Partly because he supported my broke ass for so long that I felt like I was finally paying my dues.

A few months ago Shelton got a raise and I was, of course, excited for him. This raise narrowed the gap between our salaries. I was bummed about this but still excitedly raved that I was still making more.

Then I come home tonight and Shelton tells me that he got yet ANOTHER raise and immediately lets me know that he now makes more money that I do. And I pouted. Then hugged him and congratulated him. Then pouted. Then hugged and congratulated again. Now I'm just pouting.

Well done on your very deserved raise. Have no fear, this game is not over!

You will need it living with my daughter. But please let the games begin and have fun playing it...

Ouch Brandi..
Didn't think marriage was a competitive sport.

Congrats Shelton .. you apparently need it with Brandi..

~barb in Bethany

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