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My first garage sale was on its way to a perfect start. We got out there at 6am and starting arranging everything. I stepped back and could not believe how much stuff we had accumulated. We had 2 other families bring over theri stuff. The driveway was jam packed.

Only two hours in we had made close to $200. And then here came the wind and the big black cloud. I checked the radar and sure enough, we were minutes away from a spring storm. My grandma had come over to help me out today and the two of us quickly started moving everything in the garage and covering with tarps.

What a mess! It's pouring rain, we're scurrying around and people are STILL COMING UP! I couldn't believe it. Not only coming up, but buying things, big things. I had to help load a bed in this woman's car and I'm getting soaked!

After spending 1/2 an hour with the Weather Channel, decided it was going to be off and on all day and I was NOT going to try to dodge it. So, it's all packed away and if people wander up I'll let them nose through the garage.

Otherwise, we're promised a gorgeous day tomorrow and we're going to take another crack at it.

I hoped to make Barb C. proud, the garage sale Queen of OKC. Doesn't look like I'm gonna make it.

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