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At which point I laughed myself into cardiac arrest

Shelton "surprised" me with a date last night. I say "surprised" because he had this whole evening planned to surprise me with a night out. All he told me was to be home by 6 on the 17th. I got curious and started nosing around and found that David Sedaris would be in Wichita on the 17th and I had mentioned before that I'd like to see him.

So that is what we did, went to hear David Sedaris speak at the Orpheum last night. He's a bestselling author, NPR speaker and writer for The New Yorker. To say he's hysterical is an understatement.

The funny thing is, I was a fan of David Sedaris without every having really read or heard any of his material. I've heard so many people talk about his writing and about him, that I guess I kind of felt like I knew what to expect.

Boy was I wrong!! I can't remember recently, if ever, having laughed like that, that hard. Side-splitting, tear-squirting, breathing-impaired laughter!

He read 4 of his short stories and each was better than the first. I left thinking, really, he doesn't write anything outrageous or out of the ordinary. He just writes about the ordinary events in his day- the people he meets, the places he visits, things he sees. But somehow his delivery and the language he uses, makes he genius.

Afterward, we got to meet him in the lobby and he signed a book a friend had sent along with me. Very nice guy, kinda shy, kinda quirky in a cute way. I told the friend he couldn't have his signed book back until I finished reading it. So "Dress your family in courduroy and denim" is at the top of my reading list.

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