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What next?!

I guess it's been two weeks since we had our hail storm. I've lived my entire life in Kansas and Oklahoma, and I've never seen hail like that. Ever. I was asleep in bed when the most god-awful sound ripped me from my sleep. Hail the size of golf balls pummeled our neighborhood and in a matter of only five or six minutes, our street was solid white and looked like it had snowed. We helplessly watched our 3 cars in the driveway get beat to death. Luckily, only dents in the cars and no broken windows. It was like God had started a snowball fight and forgot to invite the rest of us.

So the next couple of days everyone talked about the hail damage to their cars and houses. I was repeatedly asked if our roof weathered the storm and I was certain it had. Following the hail came days on end of rain and since there wasn't any evidence of any leaking, I assumed our house was safe. To be super safe, we've called in a roofer and they'll do an inspection next week.

However, while everyone was concerned about damage at the top of the house, no one thought to look under it. After a good three or four days of rain last week, I made it to the basement to do laundry. All the piles of nicely separated clothes were sopping wet. Turns out all that water made its way in to the basement... as will happen when you buy a 90 year old home.

It dried up and we were sure our worries were over. Until tonight. When once I again I went downstairs to do laundry. And it has rained and rained again the last couple of days. Only this time, the water was deep enough that I nearly slipped and broke my hip. Deep enough to submerse my entire flip flop. And more wet clothes.

And it's everywhere. The center of the basement is the only dry place. Shelton wet-vacced that puddles and I nervously stood behind holding the cord to keep it dry, certain we'd both be fried to death in the basement.

God bless I love this house. But it's too much work. I wish I could come home to find it clean, organized, repaired and decorated and just stand back and say wow- look at the great job we did. Because that would mean somewhere we'd found the time, money, energy and know-how to tackle all this. That condo ain't looking so bad now.

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