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Open House

We left Friday evening for a weekend in Norman. We returned to Wichita at about 4:30 to find our front door standing wide open. A little heart stopping. We walked through and found not even a fleck of dust out of place, which was comforting. Turns out we never even tried to lock the door- the lock on the handle was still open. I guess it's a testament to how safe our neighborhood. But certainly not something I'd like to push.

We had a delightful little weekend. Friday was spent catching up w/ the Koskies. Saturday we had a baby shower for Keith's and Heather's baby-to-be (Shel's brother and wife). They raked it in and I was glad to see them get so many things that they will need. Who knew a baby needed all that stuff. Sheesh!

Saturday night we had dinner w/ Jeremy and Sarah. It's been too long since we were able to see them and just catch up. Glad to hear they are doing well.

After that we met up with Keith and Heather and talked until nearly midnight. This was a rare event and rather enjoyable, as the only time we ever get to spend with them is surrounded by family. So I feel like we were all able to open up and talk about things that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to. They are most likely moving to Maryland this summer, so the time spent with them felt valuable and something we'll soon wish we'd done more of.

This morning was sleeping in, shopping in Edmond, a stop at the grandparents and back on the road.

Now, it's nap time.

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