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The grape flavored gloves make it ok

I loathe going to the dentist. Probably more than most people and probably more than is necessary. I was supposed to go three weeks ago, but I got so nervous about going that I called and pushed the appointment back a month. When they called to confirm my second appointment, I considered pushing that one. But, I put on my big girl panties and confirmed.

My stomach knots, I get queasy. I just completely freak out. The second I sit in that chair my feet start shaking back and forth and I can't stop it. The dentist usually gives me a little gas for my cleaning, just enough to calm my nerves.

So I went in on Monday and she started the ritual of poking the wire "thingy" in my molars. The thing stuck and she pulled it out and stuck it again. And she said, "Oh, looks like we've got a little cavity." And I about spit her hand across the room.

I said, "No I do not!" And she said, "Oh yes you do. But it's a little one." I told her I'd never ever in my whole life had a cavity. Ahhh, baby's first cavity.

How the hell did this happen?! I take great care of my teeth, and always have. I'm a Crest kid.

Anyway, she booked the appointment for Monday afternoon. Now, I'm completely freaking out. And I know I can't push this one back. EEEEEEEKS!!

So at least I can look forward to the gloves- the dentist wears grape-flavored gloves. Yum! And she told me- well, we'll give you a little gas if you'd like. IF I LIKE???!!! Umm, hopefully they order extra next week because I don't even want to know I'm alive. But hopefully I live through it and don't drive myself nuts.

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