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Out 'til 2a.m. with another man... and so worth it

Wednesday I left work at noon with stomach all a flutter... I was headed to Kansas City to see the-man-i'd-be-in-love-with-if-i'd-never-met-shelton-and-there-were-any-
chance-of-us-meeting... Dave Matthews... and his band.

In case you can't tell, Dave Matthews Band is my absolute, hands-down favorite. I've only been to one other show, about 5 years ago in Dallas.

Shelton was unable to attend, so a friend of mine from work, Joe, let me have his other ticket. We had awesome seats.. 15 rows back from the stage. When they finally came out, he was so close... oh my God, so close!!! And daddy looked GOOOOOOD!!! (Dave, of course, not the guy I was with.) We were in an amphitheater with a strong possibility of rain all day. But by the time the show started, clear, beautiful skies and a perfect temperature. What a stellar night.

Everything they played was fine by me. The songs I desperately wanted to hear, "#41," and "Song that Jane Likes" were not played. They played "Tripping Billies" and it was so damn good I can't stop singing it.

Joe and I drove home after show and arrived in Wichita at 2am. I was up and ready for work at 8. He was the smarter one, he took yesterday off. I was the most tired I've ever been, but it was so worth it.

The opening band was G-love with Special Sauce. I'd heard the name before but none of their music. They rocked! It's very chill music and now I'm going to have to add another channel to my Pandora.

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