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Is the grass really all that greener?

When we moved in to our new house in November, the next door neighbor had just covered his yard in grass seed. And in a matter of days the softest, thickest, greenest grass began sprouting. It mellowed for the winter and as spring began to break it flourished. He would spend hours watering and taking meticulous care. You'd have thought he'd named each blade.

As each blade grew, I grew more jealous. What I wouldn't give for a lawn like that. It was so gorgeous- plush, bright green and the entire yard lined with these tall, beautiful tulips. UGH!

Everytime I come and go from the house I'd dreamily stare and wait for the day I could dig up my yard and plant new seed with promise of an equally enviable lawn.

Turns out, maybe my lawn ain't so bad after all. As spring faded into summer the tulips slowly died. This morning on my way out to the car I looked over and realized that summer was beginning to take its toll. And I also realized I hadn't seem him outside in weeks. The garden that was perfect was now overgrown with weeds. The lawn has faded to a color less interesting than mine.

So I've realized not to sweat it. Just let my lawn be and it's pretty nice. And the elephant ears and caladiums I planted a few months ago- FABULOUS!! They're finally up and doing very well.

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