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Swimmin' Hole

I walked in the front door tonight, chattering away on my cell phone. I made it to the kitchen and my foot was covered in water. I was wearing flip flops of course. I looked around and the entire floor was covered- probably 1/4". I told Sarah I had to go- no time for dilly dallying.

I called Shelton and asked when he'd be home. He said "When do you need me." I said "Soon enough to help me clean up the swimming pool."

The leak was traced to the ice maker. A very steady stream of water just pouring out of the hose.

I changed out of my clothes, threw my perfect hair day into a pony tail, took the trashbag out of the trashcan to create a bucket, and started mopping. By the time Shel made it home I had the kitchen pretty much dried up. And then from the basement I hear "Oh, don't think it isn't wet down here, too."

I just closed my eyes. I went into the basement and the flood to beat all was waiting for me. So Shelton tended to that w/ the wet vac, I continued to work on the kitchen.

I had to peel all the floor tiles up in the 3' x 3' square that the fridge sits on. Underneath was sopping wet. I was scared to death the wood underneath the buy-one-get-12-free tiles would just rot. So now, the floor has a bald spot.

THREE HOURS LATER we finally got it all under control. We'd discussed going out to buy a new one- but when Shelton told me this was not the time to get the stainless steel side door w/ freezer drawer, I decided this heap would work for now.

At that point, we'd been off work for 3 hours, we were well past feeding time and starving. Was I cooking? Think again. I got that Chipotle twinkle in my eye, Shelton gave me the nod and we lived happily ever after.

Girlfriend - You have to be the most positive person I know. You just keep getting heaps of lemons scooped on your plate and you make the most delicious lemonade.

Seems like you just need a few things in life to keep you happy - a good mop, a Chipolte close by and oh - $20,000! :)

Keep your chin up. God will bless you.

Other people have problems conceiving too but we are not willing to beg for the money. You both seem to have good jobs and are still young enough to wait a few years. There are other people in the world just struggling to put a roof over their heads. I think they need more help than you do. I suggest you get counseling.

Bandi and Shelton, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposedly ready to start a family but want other people to pay for it? Ridiculous. I am going through the same thing, and my husband was recently downsized. I have no problem paying for all of my expenses by myself. If you do get stupid strangers to pay for this, what's next?
Are you going to get them to pay for the childs private school, college and wedding? You two should get second jobs and stop asking the world to help solve your problems. You supposedly own a house, so take out a second mortgage. You should feel embarrased that you are asking others to pay.

Wow. You two are the most entitled, selfish people I think I've ever come across. And, most certainly, this child will be brought with these values. How very sad for all of you.

Good luck to you and your many, many baby shower gifts.

How very sad. I feel sorry for the both of you. When you have the baby are you going to beg for money so you can raise it? And will you beg for more when you have to send it to college?

One of these days your husband is going to see what a selfish wife he has and go find someone he can actually respect. Till then he'll stay pussywhipped.

Brandi's Ultrasound, Dr. T (follow-up for ovarian cysts) $305.00

Shelton's bloodwork for STD's, Dr. G $147.48

Brandi exam w/ Dr. T (Partial Insurance- PI) $212.81

Our first consultation/exam with Dr. T (CBI) $420.00

Ultrasound for Brandi, Dr. W (CBI) $139.25

Shelton's Ultrasound, OUCH!, Dr. F $222.00

Shelton's bloodwork for testosterone levels (CBI) $3.75

Shelton's first 'digital' exam, Dr. F (CBI) $139.16

Semen Analysis (Covered By Insurance-CBI) $53.44

Turned in ovulation charts to Dr. H $59.69

Putting your personal, intimate business on on the internet:


In one of your blogs postings where you have teh garage sale, you say :

"Shelton and I put $70 in our pocket and I decided I wasn't going to do a single responsible thing with even one penny of it"

I can't believe you had the audacity to post that. NOT ONE RESPONSIBLE THING? And you beg for money?

You are sick, and selfish and don't deserve a baby. Period.

Meanwhile, since you have purchased your second house at the 'ripe old age' of 25/26, would it really be beyond the pale to suggest that you get an equity line of credit to finance your medical costs?

That's what NORMAL people do.

Selfish and tacky.

Hi Brandi this is Morgan Terri's daughter i just wanted to tell u that i have a blog so we can leave comments Those people giving u mean comments need to back off b/c i dont believe one word they say all the times i c u u never r doing n e thing wrong u r a very nice person!!!!!!!!


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