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Pillow Talk

Last night, Shelton and I were lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Due to the fact that Shelton is constantly telling me I'm predictable- this is the conversation that took place:

Me- Let's have a contest to see which one of us knows the most about the other.

Him- Ha! Ok, whatever.

Me- We'll start easy- what's my favorite color?

Him- I don't know- blue, purple?

Me- Are you effing kidding me?!

Him- hahaha, I don't know. Brown?

Me- You're kidding right? You really don't know my favorite color?

Him- I guess not. Blue? I'm sticking with blue.

Me- Whatever.

Him- Just tell me.

Me- No, I'm not telling you. That's something you should know. Besides, it's completely obvious.

Him- Oh, is it green? You have a lot of green in your closet.

Me- YES IT'S GREEN! How could you not know that?! I know your favorite color is white, even though that is NOT a color.

Him- (still laughing) Does that mean the green Skittles are your favorite?

Me- I still cannot believe you bought me Skittles thinking that was favorite candy. I HATE Skittles.

Not so predictable after all, huh, punk?!

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