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Tibetsy Boodles

I realized that in my last post I'd said "more about the dog later"- so later has come. Due to some recent events in my family, Shelton and I have happily adopted Tibet, my parents Shih-tzu. We became her proud new owners last weekend, but she's been staying with us for almost two months.

I could not be happier if she had come from my own womb. I'm so in love with this little girl. For more than a month I've taken her to work with me every day. She has hit it off with everyone there and even has a few must-see friends each morning. She prances around like she owns the place and never strays to far away from my ankles. Having her at work makes the day a little easier, she's just a fun little companion. She attends meetings, greets visitors and even joins the smokers out on their smoking balcony. As of last week, she was named "Director of Morale" at the agency. Not a bad title for not having any experience!

Tibet is too much fun. My mood is better any time she's around... and while Shelton will try and deny it, I know his is too! She's such a little princess- I laugh and smile so much with her.

The biggest thing I've had to get used to with this new addition has been poop-scooping. OOO YUCK! she obviously has to potty during the day at the office. So we wander out into the square a few times a day and on at least one of these trips she does a #1 and #2. I'm not big on poop. Especially collecting hers. But, I guess it's a small price to pay.

She has many nicknames, my favorite is Tibetsy Boodles. Shelton hates it but I think it's fun! I just can't say enough how much we thoroughly enjoy having her in the house full time now. It's such a trip and never a dull moment.

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