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And my little dog, too.

I stayed home sick yesterday, something that seems to be an increasing trend directly correlated to a decrease in my small amount of sick time. I'd pushed a little too hard the day before by working a full day and just needed one more day of R&R.

About 5 o'clock there was a knock at the door. This never happens. Ever. The only people who come to our house know they can just walk right in. So I panic a little as I have a SERIOUS afro in full bloom, in my PJs sans bra and no glasses. I yell that I'll be there in a second and scurry to put my dishevled self back in order.

I open my door to a very dirty man, hillbilly-esque man. He greeted me with a very enthusiastic hello and I returned it. He said, "Mam, we were driving through your neighborhood and noticed the brush pile in your yard. Do you need that hauled off?"

My immediate response was, "SERIOUSLY!?! YES!" I haven't given a yes like that since someone offered me a free double scoop of ice cream- wait, that's never happened.

See, about a month or so ago we had a pretty big storm. It knocked a HUGE branch out of the tree in our front yard. It landed on the roof. My dad came out w/ a few guys and chopped it up and piled it up. We were very grateful as this would have cost about $500 to have hired out, and we do not have the tools to take care of it.

He said they would haul it off for $30. I told him that I never have cash (which is true) and that I just happened to have a $20 (which is true) and that I don't have checks (which is also true) and that if he would take my $20 he could have my sticks. (I wasn't trying to scam the guy, I really only had $20 I could give him)

He looked back at the woman in his truck, she gave a nod and he said- I'll take it only if I can pet your little dog (the one I was holding), too. I thought, sorry Tibet (more about the dog later), you're gonna have to take one for the team. So we exchanged petting and cash, he broke out the chainsaw and 10 minutes later I could see the overgrown grass on the curb again.

I'm sure my neighbors all sighed huge breaths of relief and destroyed their "You're the dirty neighbor" signs.

Who knew, door-to-door stick collectors. Not a bad gig.

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