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Overheard in the O.R.

Since I've talked to most of you and I've already posted how surgery went here, I'll leave this post to talk about the fun part.

I was in quite a mood Thursday when we arrived at the hospital. The first thing the doc asked was - "How's she doing? Feisty as ever?" Well, yes! I'd been up since 7am without the privilige of eating, drinking or consuming anything I couldn't breath through my nose. I was starving and antsy. So here are a few conversations that took place, right up to that final breath of nigh-nigh gas.

Brandi & Doctor in OU Scrubs
Nurse: Oh, that doctor is wearing OU scrubs. I noticed you wore an OU shirt. I'll get him. Oh doctor...

Doctor: Yes?

Brandi: Boomer Sooner!

Doctor: Oh, did you go to OU?

Brandi: Yes I did.

Nurse: (Smiling)

Awkward silence....

Brandi & Anesthesiologist

Anesth: So, how tasty was that breakfast and lunch today?

Brandi : Oh, bite me!

Anesth: (laughing), oh that was the answer I was looking for!

Brandi, Shelton and Dr. T pre-op conversation

Dr T: Brandi, you're not the boss today or tomorrow. I don't know if you are usually the boss, but today and tomorrow you are not. He is. Shelton, this is your big chance.

Brandi: (laughing) yeah, your big opportunity. Don't blow it.

Dr. T: You don't have to clean or cook for at least 10-12 weeks after surgery.

Brandi: Yes!

Shelton: Yeah, right.

Dr. T: You can start having intercourse again as soon as you say it's ok too. (Looks at Shelton) But really, what's different about that than any other time? Don't think your house is any different that anyone else's!

Brandi in OR just before the gas-

Brandi: Can you unstrap my arm, I have an itch?

Nurse: Of course.

OR Staff: (everyone singing, talking laughing)

Brandi: Wow, you guys are having a good time.

Nurse: You should see her dance. She usually dances in here.

Dancing Nurse: Not now, I'm busy.

Brandi: Wow, this is the most fun I've ever had before surgery.

Anesth: Ok, breathe in...

Ok, so probably more amusing to me than anyone else. But seriously, that was the most fun I'd ever had before going in for a surgery. Laughter is the best medecine, after all!!

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