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Spreading my ink

Square Magazine 1st issue
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A couple of friend's of mine from OU, Jim and Becky, are starting a magazine. It's called Square- and it will serve as a lifestyle magazine in Tulsa, OK. Wow, that sounds like a boring explanation. It's going to be a kickass magazine that tells about life in Tulsa- music, bars, dining, fashion, art, sports, people, places, things... is that better? The magazine will print in an 8x8 square and publish monthly. That in and of itself is pretty cool to me- where have you seen a square magazine?

The first issue is due out in November and for all of you living in Tulsa, all I can say is get ready. These two (by the way, the "and" between their names does not imply that they are a couple as they are not) have assembled a talented team and done a lot of homework to get the magazine off the ground. We spent some time w/ them in Tulsa this summer and I was so impressed how every little detail had been taken care of. Becky is the editor, grand poo-bah and I can tell you that this work is a labor of love for her.

This team they've assembled includes writers, designers and the like. I was very flattered when they asked me to be one of their writers. Jim paid nice compliments about my writing on this blog, as well as Baby or Bust and told Becky they should "hire" me.

I accepted and plan to write for the "He Said, She Said" column- in which a guy and me will guide the romantic souls of Tulsa on their journey in and out of love. (Unless you guys have something else planned!)

I was also asked to post occassionally on the mag's blog site and have so far made two posts.

Now, when I say they "hired" me, their offer sounded like this- "we'd like for you to write for us but we can't pay you anything."
I told them this was fine. All I wanted in exchange was either a $1 donation to Baby or Bust and/or a story, ad or logo placement on the Web site. As such, Square has placed the BOB logo on the homepage and we are incredibly grateful. We are going to place their's on BOB as well.

I want to say that I take it as a huge compliment to be asked to write by people I respect a great deal. I've always enjoyed writing and pretended it was something I was good at- but I receive more and more feedback and encouragement. Maybe I should stop doubting myself. So, thank you to Jim and Becky. I'm very excited about writing for Square.

And lastly, congratulations and good luck on the launch of your magazine. That is an undertaking I cannot imagine and one you are handling so well. I know Square will be a success and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

This is the link to the magazine- www.hiptoreadsquare.com

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