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Hey Chump, What's that Lump?!

bush's lump
Originally uploaded by oubrandi.
I'm sure we've all heard the discussions about the mystery lump in dub-ya's jacket during the first debate. Some think he was wired to his advisors, Edwards thinks it's his batter pack. My assumption is that it was a little ga-nome in a little pack reading dub-ya the answers. So what do you think the lump was????

I think you are spot on with the GAnome theory. But it could also be one of these.

From Shauna...

At first glance, I would have thought it were a wireless mic pack b/c that's what it looks like, but that wouldn't make sense b/c he's talking straight into a mic.

I'm with Jeremy. I think it was a cuing device. Pathetic, huh?!

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