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I'm Lovin' It!

As some of you know, I have a reputation for letting restaurants know how I feel when I'm upset, or happy, either way. About a week ago I went through the McD's drive-thru to grab a Crispy Chicken sandwich for dinner. I always order this sans mayo, but I always get a couple packages of their addictive-as-crack cocaine Hot Mustard. I put it on my sandwich and dip my fries in it. Seriously, if you've never had it... what in the HELL is wrong w/ you?! So, I ask the nice young lady at the window for Hot Mustard and she says "You're not allowed, you didn't get Chicken Nuggets." (apparently you can have the sauces if you have Ckn Nugs, not otherwise) Excuse you, huh, what?! I'm not "Allowed?" I had a similar incident happen a couple weeks ago, only that particular time they let me pay 10c a package. So I'm all sorts of curious as to why I can't have my Hot Mustard. She slides one package into my bag like she is doing me some kind of top-secret favor. Whoopee, one package. So I wrote a funny little note to the McD's corporation asking what reasoning there was behind this new Chicken Nugget Discrimination Policy. So yesterday I get a call from the general manager of my McD's and he invites me over for a free meal for Shelton and I to make up for it. He said there is no reason I should ever be denied Hot Mustard... damn right! I thought that was so nice. So they gave me plenty of Hot Mustard for my sandwich last night and it was delicious!

I hate people like you. You get what you pay for Brandi and when you're paying $3 for a meal, you get $3 service. The poor girl was probably told by some power-trip ass manager to not give out any hot mustard, she doesn't care...she would assume give you 800 mustards, but she didn't want to get fired. Little did she know that Kathy Komplainer was coming through with mustard-fueled rage. Now that girl is fired, she can't feed her 7 children at home, all b/c you got 1 packet of mustard instead of 42. Hope you enjoyed your free meal at McDonald's, I also hope they didn't spit, sneeze, or ejaculate in your free meal, but they probably did. I wish I could give eProps on your site so I could give you ZERO!

Look, I was really friendly about it. I didn't complain about her, I know she's just doing her job. She is there everytime I go and she's really nice. I wasn't complaining about or to her. I just asked the corporate bozo's why they are charging for and rationing mustard. it's no different than ketchup. And 3, I wanted 3 measley packages. Kiss my ass! If I'm paying for a $3 meal or a $300 meal I'm going have it made exactly how I want it, otherwise, I'll just stay home. So, -2 eprops for you Beau Bitchy... I hate people like YOU.

I'm just curious if you take the Rolls or the Bentley to McDonald's when you go, your highness?

I'm just wondering if you took a Rolls or a Bentley when you went to McDonalds, your highness?

From Shauna....

OK, so I completely understand... so HA Beau! :P A few months ago, Brady and I went to KFC, where I ordered chicken, and they wouldn't give me BBQ sauce unless we paid 10 cents per package. WHAT THE HELL? Thankfully, that was the only time that ever happened. I never complained to anyone at KFC, but if it happened again, my father-in-law's family owns several KFCs. That makes you think... you never know who might have connections! :) Since we're on this topic... drive thrus suck. Brady and I have the worst luck. We always get home and they NEVER get the order right. Then, he ALWAYS drive back to get what he wants. LOL... 2 eprops to Brandi for kicking McD's ASS!

(PS) Sorry you don't approve of my curls!

Good Job Brandi. Things like condiments are called 'overhead' for a huge company like Mcdonald's. Apparently, corporate office is very aware of this concept. Some franchisees are obviously charging for the sauces and such to recoup some costs that they incur for charging so little for their food (which is their choice, after all). It is good that you let someone know; what is next, $.05 for a packet of ketchup; $.02 for each napkin you need? Hell, why dont' they just start charging a "packing charge" for those who are going through the drive-thru so they can recoup the costs associated with the bag, cups, and the little wrapping that goes around your $.59 cheeseburger. Once again Brandi, you were SO right to notify them of the issue. It's not like you yelled and bitched; you wrote an email inquiring as to their new "policy," and, thanks to that email, countless other hot mustard users will not be taken advantage of!! :) hahaha

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