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Safety Street

sesame alert
Originally uploaded by oubrandi.
You might notice I have posted a modified version of the Homeland Security Advisory System just below the Links. Bert & Ernie wanted to keep us safe as kids, and who better to protect us from the bad guys now? So, for daily updates on the safety of our nation, you can turn here. Today's message is brought to you by the letter T, the number 9 and the color purple.

Hi Brandy,
this is Jonathan writing from Austria.
Nice blog you got here.
Good to see you are doing fine.

Uhm, what's you current e-mail? Your yahoo-account throws mails back at me. Let me know: jonathan AT thenausner.com

I like your alert system!

And you love Scrabble too, how could I not know that? Feel a tournament coming on....


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