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Happy 2nd Birthday Eli!!!

I was lucky enough to get to spend the last two days w/ Jim's nephew, Barb's grandson, Eli!! It was a really good time. We had plenty of Mo-Mo Nax (Nemo Snacks), watched "Benji" 1/2 way 3 times and a full way once, we watched Nemo twice. Today was Eli's birthday so we got to hang out and enjoy his birthday presents. Eli, you're a good man! Thanks for making me laugh!!

I was also lucky enough to be there for the arrival of Barb's birthday present... JIM! Well, we probably all know, but he snuck in to town and surprised the bajeezes out of Barb! IT was pretty cool- nice work!

I think I've told most of you about the job offer at Associated in Wichita. If not, hold tight, I'll know all the final details and I'll save time for us all by typing one post then. Fingers crossed!

Well, don't tell Eli but he thinks he's the lucky one for getting to spend two days being spoiled rotten by Brandi. Thanks so much - he had a blast and we won't tell his other girlfriend 'ninney' about all the fun you two had.

-eli's mama

Yes I was totally surprised! And we really appreciated your spending time with Eli.. You've been nominated to the aunt status -- welcome to the family Aunt Brandi!


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