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How I Really Feel

I Voted
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In case you can't tell, I fully intend to vote for John Kerry in the morning. I know that Bush is going to win the electoral votes for Oklahoma; but if popular vote counted- that's who I'd choose.

I'm not an incredibly political person. I try to avoid the topic whenever possible. However, It's come up a lot in my conversations. I can proudly say I think I've paid more attention to this election than most people our age (I know this b/c of conversations I've had with our fellow 20-somethings). I feel that I've educated myself reasonably so that I can make a decision I'm comfortable with. That's all I ask of myself and other voters, just know what's going on.

I wish you all happy voting tomorrow.... no matter who you may choose.

I'd also like to say that I couldn't be more thrilled that all those Carson/Coburn ads will finally cease! I can't take any more of the "I delivered babies" and dancing puppett cartoons and and who let immigrants in and who didn't and who drives and old truck and who doesn't... RAR!! If it lasted any longer I'd have to pull one of those road side political signs out of the ground and drive the wooden stake through my eye. Ahhh, but it's over tomorrow.

I voted too!!!

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