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Oh, the irony!

Most people see getting their first job in the real world with a real salary as a step-up. Most don't become instantly homeless like Shelton and I. As Alanis put it so well- A little too ironic.
Jim was homeless for a minute. I'm on an undefined length of homelessness. We moved the last pieces of our precious belongings into the bastard third car garage at my in-laws tonight. (I swear to all things good and holy, I FREAKING HATE MOVING!!!). I think the mice are really excited that we are here. I mean, it's just starting to get cold and we've just created the Ritz-Carlton of mice winter retreats. I'm going to have the world's biggest case of epedemic proportion Heeby-Jeebies if I open a box in my new Wichita home and find dead mice and other winter inhabitants. OOO, GROSS, SHIVER!

So the actual move takes place Sunday morning. Shelton and I are packing of the "Wichita pile" of boxes and belongings to take with us to live in my "rent-a-parents'" basement. We're keeping the wireless hub, a tv, my Christmas box, scrapbooking supplies and the clothes and toiletries. Everything else stays- Including Shelton temporarily. After turning in his two weeks notice, they asked him to stay an extra week. So he won't be joining me in Wichita until the 20th... bummer.

I start my fabulous ad job on Monday morning. 8am, you're a bitch! I'm not looking forward to seeing you.

You can all expect fun-filled updates on the selling of our house, life in the basement at the Braces, my new job and the search for a new dwelling. I think it's also going to be interesting re-adjusting to the fact that all my relatives, excl. my parents and siblings, are in Wichita. We left there when I was 8, so these people were just part of my summers and holidays. AROUND ALL THE TIME!??!! I'll let you know how that goes too.

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