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Herrrre comes Ozzy!

Tonight I headed out to the Wichita Greyhound Park. It's a dog race track. A few years ago, it was quite the happening place. Now, not so much. But, it's great for a cheap night of good entertainment. I went out with my 2 aunts and my grandma and we had the best time. I really had the best time because I was the only one who won any money!!! One race got me $15 and another race got me $9. I went in with the plan to only spend $10 (each bet is $2). So when I won my money, I tucked my $10 back. I left a total of $10 up for the night!!! Yay me!!

The dogs that won for me were something George and the other was Paducah Venus. Way to go lil doggies!!

I made it through my first week with a smile still on my face... I think that is a great sign.

Brandi -
You make me smile.

i arse your mother

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