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Warning: Brandi tried something NEW!!! (gasps)

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I was so excited to find that there are a couple of Chipotle's here in Wichita. I've heard rave reviews about this place, so while I was out on a work errand today, I decided to pop in for a quick lunch. Quick it was, in and out of there in like 15 minutes, that included eating.
The menu is so cut and dry, it was unreal. It kind of reminded me of In-N-Out in Cali, very basic. However, the food is far from basic. I got the chicken tacos and they were FANTASTIC!!! The setup is kind of like Subway, you walk along and they fix your food in front of you and you tell them what to put on it. I got 3 huge, very delicious tacos and a drink for $6. For what I got, I thought that was quite a deal.

So, if you get the chance, go check this place out, it is so yummy!

awesome. I love that place - The problem is, here it is packed. Lines out the door and along the side of the building during lunch. We started faxing in our order.


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