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What a good day looks like

So, being away from Shelton for this long was really starting to take its toll. I've been sad. It's tough getting adjusted to a new life, but doing it on my own without my trusty companion just hasn't been any fun.
So, I get home from work last night and I'm all excited for an evening of shopping with my aunt. I hit the shower, head down to my basement and get online while my hair dries a little. I hear footsteps on the stairs and can't figure out why they would be coming down (they never come down while I'm home). I look up and I'll be damned, IT'S SHELTON!!!! TWO DAYS EARLY!! He wasn't supposed to come until Saturday. He tells me work went ahead and let him go since everything was squared away and his replacement had arrived.
How excited do you think I was!?!?!? Geeze Louise! I didn't think I was going to stop smiling all night. Now, that's a good day!

Today is Friday and I'm so glad. I love Friday. It means it's the weekend, I get to wear jeans, and everyone is just a little more mouthy than on other days. Tomorrow, I get to prove that the view isn't as good at the bottom of the totum pole- I'm dressing up as the turkey mascot for an event with a client. Yes, I'll have pictures. Enjoy the weekend everybody!!!

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